Commercial and Residential Additions

Enhance functionality with a home addition from East Coast Construction SD.

Do you love your home but need more room? Over time, many Florida homeowners find that their space is lovely, but they just need more area in which to spread out. Having more kids or small children growing up to be teens can mean the need for additional square footage. When you need more room in your home, rely on our expert team of contractors to help with a home addition. At East Coast Construction SD, we can provide a plan that creates a new addition that blends seamlessly with your existing home.

What Kind of Addition Are You Looking For?

With any home addition, you want the new space to appear natural. You want the addition to be an investment that adds value to your home. We can help with any home addition you wish to complete. Our first objective will be to discuss with you what type of addition you would like to add. Do you need more living space? Or perhaps another bedroom? The use of the space must be determined in order to ensure the new area is added to the correct place in the home.

Once we have discussed with you what type of addition you are looking for, we then look at your existing home. We must find a natural area in which to add the space without making it look awkward. The new addition needs to blend well on the inside of the home as well as outside.

The home needs to continue to flow well, plus look great on the exterior and interior. With this investment, you want to use the new space but also be able to gain value from it if you chose to sell in the future. This is why the addition needs to appear natural and part of the home, not as an added-on space.

Once we have a plan in place, we will create a timeline in which to complete the project. The timeline will be created to finish the job quickly as well as meet any issues you may have such work needs. In no time, we will begin the home addition and help you to have more space within your home.

Schedule a FREE Consultation with East Coast Construction SD

If you are considering adding on to your home, contact our experts for a consultation. After a review of your space, we will create an estimate and draw up plans so you can see how your home will appear after the addition. New living rooms, bedrooms, dens, family rooms or even storage spaces can be added to the home for more square footage. We listen to your needs as a family and find ways to change your home to create the much-needed space.

When it comes to adding one, the process may seem overwhelming or not doable. With our help, we can make your dream a reality. Give our office a call today at 321-676-8972 to learn more about home additions and schedule a consultation with our team of experts.