Pompeii Quartz Countertops

Consider Pompeii Quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

When it comes to countertop needs, home owners should rely on a durable material. Pompeii Quartz offers a natural surface material that is made from pure and natural quartz material. The countertop is constructed with resin as well as inorganic pigments. The most advanced technology from Breton, Italy is used to create both slabs and tiles of the material. The slabs and tiles can then be constructed for projects in kitchen or bathroom spaces.

The quality countertop material has many advantages with an installation. The quartz is easy to clean, just wipe with water and soap. The material has a reduced absorption rate because it is dense. This helps with any spills when used as a kitchen countertop. The material is also resistant to cracking and chipping.

When installing a kitchen countertop, you want to use a material that is resistant to heat. Pompeii Quartz installations are not only heat resistant to high temperatures, they are also scratch and abrasion resistant. Stains will also be nonexistent as the material is non-porous and will not instantly begin to soak up stains like other materials.

The product comes with a limited 15-year warranty, helping to further protect your investment. With such positive attributes, the quartz material is a perfect choice for installations in the home or within a business. The material can be used for kitchen countertops, islands, bathroom installations and more. quartz comes in a variety of colors and veining patterns so you can easily find an installation that will work for your next project.

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