Cambria Countertops

American made quartz countertops from family-owned company: Cambria.

For additional countertop options we provide the Cambria brand. Based in Eden Prairie, MN, Cambria USA is a family owned company providing quality quartz materials. The countertops are American-made, which is a quality that many home owners admire. The company uses innovative and ecological responsible manufacturing techniques in creating beautiful quartz pieces for installation.

Cambria materials provide superior performance, an unmatched beauty and are environmentally friendly. All of these components come together to showcase a quality quartz countertop perfect for any installation.

Cambria countertops are easy to care for and maintain which makes the product more desirable. The material is handcrafted from the finest quartz to offer a durable option or your kitchen or bathroom spaces. No sealing or polishing of the material is needed. Simply wipe down the surface with warm water and soft cloth and you are good to go!

Cambria is a quality countertop company that we work with to ensure our clients have only the best materials for every countertop project. With so many choices and fine materials, your options are unlimited.

Give us a call at 321-676-8972 to learn more about this amazing option for your next kitchen or bath renovation.